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Are you a (new) English speaking customer? Then this is for you!

"Your website is in Dutch. I cannot speak Dutch. Do you have a website in English?” "When I phone your customer service, the computer controlled voice system is also in Dutch."

When getting help in a Dutch service industry, it’s not easy being English. And an administration in a foreign language is the last thing you want to do. With this blog we want to help our English speaking customers with the basics.

We listen, we help
First and foremost: we are here for all of our customers. We listen, we help and we make sure that you are in good hands with us. In our daily business we help our customers in Dutch. If this does not work for our customers, we won't hesitate to communicate in English (or Spanish or Frys or German for that matter). Our website is not in English (yet), but we will try to help you here.

By explaining how we work when, for example, you become a customer of ours, we hope to provide you with information so that you will know what to do and what you can expect from us. So Let's start where everybody starts.

Becoming a customer of Nuon
Thank you for choosing us to supply your energy! In this blog, we explain the procedure how to become a customer. When you choose to become a customer, we will have to register you in our administration. If you have someone who can help you translate, you can easily register by using our registration form on our website . If you don't have anyone to help you with this, then you can also contact us by Facebook, Twitter, live chat or our web form. The last two options can be found at our contact page. If you send us a private message via Facebook or Twitter with your request and the following information, then we will process your request as soon as possible. Except for phoning us, this is the fastest way. The information we need is as follows:

-Full name and initials
-Date of birth
-Telephone number
-Email address
-IBAN Bank account number
-The day of the month you want the bank to withdraw payments for your energy use. (I will get back to this later on but yes, you may choose the date)
-The meter readings on the day of moving in (start service = “start levering”)
- the date of moving in

If you have already seen an energy contract that you like (fixed price vs variable for example), you can tell us as well and we will make sure you will be registered with that type of contract.

After the registration is complete, we will send you a confirmation of your contract. In this letter you will find all the important information like the rates, contract information, your personal information etc. One small warning, it will be in Dutch so don’t panic, just check your name, address, dates and account numbers.

Paying for your usage
So, now you're a customer. What now? How do the Dutch pay for their energy? In Holland we pay a monthly amount based on a calculated estimate of your personal situation. After twelve months and payments we will send you an annual invoice. In Dutch we call this the 'energienota' or ‘jaarafrekening’. We send you this once every twelve months. With this annual invoice we settle your energy usage with you. We calculate your usage by taking the meter reading you gave us when you were registered as customer, and the meter readings at present time. When it is time, we will send you messages via e-mail or text messages to ask you to send us the meter readings from your various meters like district heating (Stadswarmte in Dutch), electricity or gas. The difference between these meter readings and the ones you started with is your usage.

Now that we know your actual usage, we can calculate what the costs are. When we have calculated the costs for your usage, we settled these costs with the total amount that you have paid in the twelve months prior to the annual invoice. If you have paid more than the total costs for your usage you get the difference back automatically (we transfer the excess amount to your bank account). If you have used more than the total that you have paid, we ask you to transfer the shortage to us.We can also withdraw this of your bank account.

So in short, you pay a certain amount every month and after a period of approximately a year you settle your usage with us. If you have used more than you have paid we ask you to pay us the difference. If you have paid more than you have used we will transfer the difference to you.

How do I pay?
There are two options.

1. We send you an invoice every month. This could be by paper or digital. With this option we charge an amount of € 1,82 administration costs per invoice.

2. With your permission we can also deduct the monthly payments off your bank account every month. You can choose any day from the 1st to the 27th of the month that we can deduct the amount of your bank account. (91% of our customers do this) This is free of charge, and you may always adjust the payment amount and the day you transfer with our mijnnuon app (free download and service)

We understand that not being able to speak Dutch can be a little stressful but rest assured, you are not alone. In our forum others have also asked questions. Here is one example. https://forum.nuon.nl/for-our-english-speaking-customers-46/english-moving-house-and-need-to-contact-nuon-to-cancel-850

Is this information helpful? Is there information that is missing? I would very much like to hear your opinion about this topic. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


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darius jonkus
darius jonkus

Je kunt hier zien hoeveel reputatiepunten darius jonkus je hebt ontvangen van andere leden.

6 maanden geleden hello on my contract i have wrong writted my surname, ther is standing Jontus but must be Jonkus.

Je kunt hier zien hoeveel reputatiepunten Eugene je hebt ontvangen van andere leden.

6 maanden geleden
darius jonkus schreef:

hello on my contract i have wrong writted my surname, ther is standing Jontus but must be Jonkus.

Hi Darius. Thank you for your message. I will correct that as soon as possible. Is there anything else can do for you?

Kind regards,


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